Work with Daria

Phone sessions with Daria are $55 and last between 45 minutes and 1 hour.

email: to schedule a session

When the way forward is obscured, a shift in perception will often reveal surprising possibilities. A phone session with Daria will support your movement through life using psychic communication, Spirit guide connection, energy healing, and the expansive and transformative quality of presence.


“I am grateful to Daria for the warm and respectful space she creates in which to receive, communicate and explore the more subtle aspects of life. In both her one-on-one readings and group classes, I’ve found Daria to be a powerful teacher and empathetic guide, gently pointing me towards a clearer vision and a more profound relationship with my own deeper dimensions.”

-Staci S., Graphic Designer

“My psychic reading with Daria changed my self perception, probably forever, as Daria saw in me aspects of my soul life that I had long hidden from myself. In my view, Daria is a gifted seer, deep and honest.”

-Susan J., Environmental Activist

“Daria somehow has access to another plane of existence. She is open enough to listen to what is most relevant to help improve your life with the information she accesses.”

-Debra B., Artist

“Daria’s work is intuitive and infused with loving kindness. I have experienced lasting physical, spiritual and emotional shifts in my work with her.”

-Tammy A., Teacher