Work with Adam

Trance Medium Healings with Adam are $45 and last between 20 and 30 minutes.

email: to schedule an over-the-phone TM Healing.

We create using the pictures in our heads. Consider the phrase, “Seeing is believing.” A Trance Medium Healing is a space that allows you, as the person receiving the healing, to change the pictures through which you create your universe.

What are you?


“The tools I learned from Adam have been central in my spiritual development, Aikido training, massage practice and management / facilitation / negotiations.”

-Aric S., Massage Therapist

“Surrounded by a constant pressure of anxiety and having my mind continuously clouded by intrusive thoughts, I sought a method that would ease this stress. Adam was able to offer me an introduction to basic forms of meditation and healing of the mind. His approach was a basic but gradual one where each weekly concept would add to the next, a process that didn’t confuse newcomers to the practice. Adam was able to effectively combine key concepts to provide a complete meditation session in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. I would recommend his classes to anyone interested in the practice.

-Ben B., Student