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Energy Readings with Daria are $111 for 1 hour.

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These readings are deeply empowering. They are designed to give you the space to access your own spiritual information with ease. In a Gold Sun Studio Reading we will describe for you what we see, with our focus in present time. This usually includes:

-Your unique vibratory essence.

-Your prevalent and underlying traits and abilities.

-The directions you are moving in; the path you are on.

-Influences from current and previous lifetimes that shape your decisions now, including the expectations and wishes of others and the experiential roots of your fears, hesitations, wants and dreams.

-Your non-physical helpers and inhibitors.

-Your unsung and acknowledged skills and resources.

-Your next step.

Aura readings are appropriate for individuals, couples, pets, groups or businesses, and are usually done over-the-phone. All readings are confidential.