Get a Healing

We offer three types of healings:

Trance Medium Healings

We create using the pictures in our heads. Consider the phrase, “Seeing is believing.” A Trance Medium Healing is a space that allows you, as the person receiving the healing, to change the pictures through which you create your universe. $45. Over-the-phone. Contact Adam at to schedule a TM Healing.

Healing Packages

Healing Packages occur over a three month period and are designed to assist you with a specific issue or through a specific transition. They include three remote aura healing sessions. $200. For more information, email

Hands on Healings

Hands On Healings are very nurturing and validating. They are designed to give your body the space and permission to heal itself. Please give yourself time to rest after a Hands On Healing. $75. In Reno. Contact Daria at to schedule a Hands on Healing.